Assembly & Manufacturing Capabilities

Electrum continually optimizes processes to reduce material waste and optimize cycle time. We build relationships with local vendors to ensure consistent quality in the materials we use in our parts. Our relationships provide technical resources in value stream processes out of our expertise.

Assembly Stations

Schmidt Presses are precision toggle presses that can be used for many assembly operations.

Assembly Operations
  • press fits
  • crimping
  • riveting
  • clinch studs
  • piercing
  • forming

Custom Fixtures

Electrum Industries has capability to design custom tools and fixtures to get your job done on time and in spec.

If the tool needed to cut your part does not exist, we will design and manufacture a custom tool to get the job done.

We understand that lead time is a critical and we employ these methods of rapid manufacturing to get our customers what they need the most: 100% quality on time.